Frequently Asked Questions


What is an airbrush treatment?

During a Sunless Studios airbrush treatments, our natural solutions are applied by one of our highly-educated airbrush artists using a compressor and airbrush, leaving our clients with a natural glow, tightened and hydrated skin without unwanted, uneven tones, “streaking” or an awful orange color that most automated spray booths and other tanning companies give. Our UV-free tanning solutions contain the active ingredient DHA (an all-natural sugar beet derivative) that reacts with the outer layer of skin to produce a bronzing effect, similar to what a traditional tan does. For most solutions, the color of the skin will continue to darken after the initial application, and the maximum color is reached within about an 8-12 hour period (or just an hour with our one hour upgrade).

Are airbrush treatments and tanning safe?

Absolutely! At Sunless Studios, we strive for healthy, pure, and high-integrity skin. Therefore, if the safety of a product is even in the least bit questionable, it is out of the question for us! All of our treatments and tanning solutions use only premier all-natural ingredients and are FDA approved for cosmetic use.

How long does the treatments/tanning take?

All of our appointments are approximately 15-20 minutes. Your first appointment will consist of a 15 minute client profile and consultation and your 15 minute airbrush appointment! All clients that are more than 5 minutes late will be subject to rescheduling.

Do I have to be a member at Sunless Studios in order to tan or purchase a treatment?

No, of course not! We would love to have you as a client, regardless if you are a member. We offer memberships and packages as a way  for our clients to save a little money! With our memberships and packages, it is possible to save upwards of $200 per month. Be sure to visit our memberships and packages page for more information or feel free to give us a call today.

How long do airbrush tans last?

Be tan for up to a week with UV-free Airbrush Tanning! Depending on your skin type, after care regimen and products, our tans last on average seven days. Don’t forget to check out our Pre & Post Spray page for more information on maximizing the life of your golden glow!

What do I wear?

At Sunless Studios, we strive to make all of our clients as comfortable as possible! Therefore, it is all up to you…Our clients can wear as little or as much as they would like. (All male clients are required to wear full-coverage underwear at minimum.) Dark colors, loose clothing and flip-flops are recommended post spray until the initial wash.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my appointment?

Of course! There are quite a few things that you can do to prepare you for your airbrush tans or treatments… Please check out our Pre & Post Spray for more details!

Will I be orange or streaky from airbrush tanning like normal spray tans?

The oompa-loompa look is never good and we would NEVER let you get away with that either! With Sunless Studios all-natural products and top-of-the-line equipment, our certified airbrush artists will be sure your tan is complimentary of your skin tone, evenly distributed and tailored to meet your every preference.

Will the solutions stain my clothing?

The majority of our solutions contain instant bronzers which allow you to receive an immediate glow, while the active ingredients are working to tan the top layer of your skin. The instant bronzers also act as a guide for our airbrush artists. The instant bronzers have a tendency to rub off on tight clothing, but will come right out with a little detergent and wash cycle. Dark colors, loose clothing and flip-flops are recommended post spray until the initial wash.

Do the solutions smell?

Our solutions are actually formulated to have a very pleasant and “tanning”–free smell! We also offer fragrance-free treatments as well, for those with sensitive skin or allergies.