Sunless Studios truly believes in the health of our clients’ skin and the first key to healthy, beautiful skin is HYDRATION. At Sunless Studios, we offer an organic moisturizing airbrush spa treatment that will be sure to leave your skin feeling replenished. Whether our clients want this treatment to minimize that itchy, dry skin, or to prepare for tanning, our Hydrating Treatments are a pleasant way to extend the health and liveliness of your skin.

Adore that glow from tanning, but don’t want to risk the dramatic and damaging effects of UV exposure? Sunless Studios gives our clients the best of both worlds! Achieve that all-natural, sexy bronzing color with our customized airbrush tanning, made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Our highly trained staff will be sure to guarantee the perfect color without the streaks, uneven tones, and artificial coloring that typical automated spray booths give you. Our tailored airbrush tanning is also great for covering and camouflaging spider veins, cellulite, scarring and even the worst of skin imperfections and typical results last a week! – Custom Airbrush Tanning Prices start at $19/person.

Airbrush pH Balancing Prep Spray:
The pH of your skin should range from about 4.5 to 6.5 in order to maintain that healthy glow. With our Prep Spray upgrade, you will be sure to have that nice, even color without the streaking or orange-color. – $10 Upgrade
Airbrush Tan Extender:
Polish off your airbrush tan with our Moisturizing Tan Extender that will extend the life of your tan for 5 extra days! - $10 Upgrade
Airbrush Express Color – 1 Hour Airbrush Tan:
Want to get the amazing color from our airbrush spray tans, but don’t want to wait the 8-12 hours for the product to develop? Don’t worry! With our Express Color upgrade, you will be able to have that perfect tan in as little as 1 hour! - $10 Upgrade


Love airbrush tanning, but want to be in the comfort of your own home? Don’t want to mess with driving to the studio or don’t have the extra time to make it in? Don’t worry, we offer mobile spray tanning and will bring the tan to you! We bring the exact same airbrush guns as in the studio, but with entirely portable equipment, including a tanning tent to avoid any over-spray in your house. - Prices starting at $39/person

Having a birthday get-together, social event, wedding festivity, bachelorette party or even a ladies night out?? With the Sunless Social, we bring the party to you… Have all your friends live the life of luxury when we bring a bottle of wine and host a private airbrush tanning party (and the hostess always tans for free)! - Prices starting at $19/person.

Botox isn’t the only way to tightening collagen. At Sunless Studios, let our anti-aging antioxidant infused solutions spray away those wrinkles. Not only do we offer anti-aging treatments, Sunless Studios gives our clients the ability to have your skin be of the upmost integrity and quality. With our pH balancing treatments, our clients can protect their skin from blemishes, dryness and other irritations and maintain their natural balance or your skin.