Spray Prep



    • Exfoliate your skin the night prior to your appointment!
      Our solutions affect the top layer of your skin and the more you exfoliate prior to your appointment, the longer the treatment will last. Sunless Studios offers a premier selection of exfoliants and pre-treatment products to maximize our client’s airbrush results. Won’t be able to exfoliate? Don’t worry! We also offer an exfoliating mitt that our clients can purchase during their appointment.


    • Avoid any lotions, creams, moisturizers, perfumes, body sprays and any other products with filmy or oily residues.
      We want our treatments to penetrate the skin and most of these products will act as a barrier.


    • Remove any make-up and deodorants from your skin.
      Often cosmetics and deodorants can cause a discoloration when mixed with our solutions during the initial treatment process. Removing them will help in guaranting an even spray.


    • Shave or wax prior to your appointment.
      Shaving or waxing will remove any unwanted hair, along with your treatment. It is optimal to shave or wax at least two days before your scheduled appointment.


    • Bring dark, loose-fitting clothing and open-toed shoes or flip flops to your appointment.
      Some of Sunless Studios tanning spray have instant bronzers; therefore, you receive immediate color! However, wearing tight clothing will result in the solution rubbing off and creating potential streaking and uneven tones prior to showering. All solutions will not stain your clothes and will wash off during regular washing cycles.



    • Wait to shower until at least 8-10 hours after your appointment.
      It takes approximately 8-10 hours for the DHA to develop into your newly hydrated, toned and glowing skin and water will inhibit this from taking place during the first hours following your appointment. Avoid sweating, swimming and even rain. Don’t want to wait?? Try out Express Upgrade and wash within 1-3 hours!!


    • Moisturize with a tan extender after showering.
      Just as certain moisturizers can act in creating a barrier from the solutions penetrating the skin, the right moisturizers can also extend your treatment. Sunless Studios offers a full-line of treatment extenders and tanning maintenance kits to maximize the healthy, results of Sunless Studios’ one-of-a-kind treatments.